Tuesday, April 30, 2013


An unkindness followed Ms. Riley and I on our morning ramble.
Ms. Riley forged the stream, I balanced across the driftwood log, then scaled the first grass slope. From the sea stack behind us, the Ravens began their flight; the sound of wings forcing gravity to give way mingled with the rushes of wind that passed through the grass. Ms. Riley was startled as, one by one, the Ravens popped over the ridge riding the current. She eyed their stiff wings and extended legs as they veered off for a flight to study the tides. My wild pup resumed poking her nose into burrows; reluctantly she noticed I was in the lead and whirled past me across the pitted landscape. I turned into the wind and spoke the words of Lao Tzu, to see if they carried weight, to see if they held in the air: "I know the way of all things by what is within me." They did.
As we reached the base of the Cape, the shadows of the Ravens swooped up the headland. We watched them disappear over the lip, folding as they moved between planes. The weed choked track called to us like a Mother-May-I game. We took clumsy gigantic steps intermingled with tiny baby ones and worked our way up the steep route. The southern wind warmed our backs. We followed our unkindness upwards into the cornflower blue sky.
My blessed feet traveled the trail with ease, my spirit was busy balancing caution and courage, not dwelling on the mechanics of foot placement. The wind pushed us over the crest of the Cape. We stopped and watched the Ravens dip in and out of the contour of the moor. The Ravens turned their heads slightly in our direction, as if inviting us to share the wind, the field, and unmarked path.
I walked to the edge of the cliff, the ocean blinded me like a mirror tilted into the sunlight. With silent Ravens circling overhead, I said my farewells to the yesterdays I have been holding onto. I threw them into the wind.
Now, my unknown journey can begin.

"Courage is a willingness to act from the heart, to let your heart lead the way, not knowing what will be required of you next, and if you can do it." ~Jean Shinoda Bolen, Gods in Everyman.


  1. What a joy it is to read your posts! I had been away for a few weeks and finally had some time this morning to check in on your site and catch up with some recently entries I had missed. Poignantly written and beautifully illustrated...each one a gem!

  2. "Nevermore!" (Sorry I couldn't resist) beautiful work and prose as always! :D

  3. Lovely strong writing as always! Very strong and beautiful illustration as well!