Sunday, April 7, 2013


Normally, I would not get in a car with someone displaying irrational behavior, but I knew the driver well. As he muttered a fine string of curses, I heaved my backpack and haul bag onto the bed, crawled into his circa 1962 Volkswagen crew cab flatbed truck, and clutched the strap pretending to be a seat belt.

I knew why he was cursing, I was warned. 
We chugged onto the freeway, 
cars whizzed by, honked, 
gave us the finger, 
flashed lights and 
basically treated the bus, 
traveling at top speed 50 mph to their 70 plus, 
like an invitation to a personal road rage party.

It was enough to give anyone the right to be creative with profanity. My friend took the nearest exit traveling in the direction of my storage unit. I was swapping out gear and clothes then hopping on another plane. 
I had about three hours to catch up on almost a whole year, and then say goodbye again.

The Ride
I held onto the oh-shit strap as we whirled into an alley, flew down a street, then tucked tightly into another alley. My friend worked the steering wheel and clutch, sailing the bus like a tea cup ride at a county fair. His laughter over the horror displayed on my face was eaten up by the engine noise. Smiling and leaning into the abrupt turns, I held on fiercely, bracing my legs, my thoughts turned to my chauffeur.

The driver, my homeless friend, 
a self-educated urban survivalist, 
was the only friend 
who had time to pick me up.


  1. self employment means freedumb. & being bullied all my life, has helped me become a passive agressive "donkey?" he haw & oh bother

  2. Funny what we honor on a daily basis. You would think kindness would be on the top of the list. Namaste, Kvyn.

  3. Irrational behavior and driving are a volatile and common combination. Kindness on the other hand is a rare thing indeed. I like your earthy colourways very much. Best, Lisa

  4. Terrific images of urban decay! Wow you really got so much depth in the first one. Great story, too. The ending was unexpected but perfect.

  5. Very cool! These look like frames from a dystopian heavy metal story, makes me want to read it!