Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Yesterday I went to lunch with The Future. He unpacked his computer, plugged it into the nearest outlet then ordered a mini pizza. The Future then smiled at me and our dialogue went something like this:

Me: So, my Illustration Friday word, are you ready for it? (Think word association.)
The Future: Go for it!
Me: Okay, the word is "Future"
The Future: (pause, eyebrows lifted, pause) Now!
Me: Now?
The Future: If we want a Future, Now is the time to do something. There isn't any time left to think about acting. We need to be radical..go BIG, way beyond recycling, reducing and reusing.

For the next ten minutes I listened to The Future talk about the present, and it wasn't a pretty picture. The Future has been quietly paying attention to dinner debates and current events. The Future has been engaging in classroom discussions on the environment. He is pissed at those in charge, and is cringing at the blatant hypocrisy.
The Future has the weight of the world on his shoulders, something I was oblivious to at 12 years of age.
He is right. The Future is Now. The Future depends on me. If I fail him, I fail the world.


  1. Beautiful, great work
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  2. So true, about the future.

    I really really like this illustration, and am wondering how you got those great textures in the wall, the table and the computer. I also really like the face--it seems SO alive--and the composition.

    1. The textures came from dust on my paper--I forgot to soak it! I love happy mistakes. I have a hard time making scenes up, I carry a camera with me most places. This was a scene from a lunch date with my son. He is quite use to me snapping photos and attempting to paint him.