Friday, July 5, 2013


In Quito, Ecuador, my eyes feasted on worlds I thought were so comparatively unequal to mine. A shy two year old scrubbed face mute girl held roses out for me to purchase while I feasted at the street cafes. Her mom steered her towards women like me; my idea of equality stitched in the furrow of my brow. I was an easy daily sale.

Studies have shown that kids as early as 15 months have a sense of equality. As a parent I have both divided candy evenly between my kids Easter baskets, and also resurrected my mothers mantra, 'fair is not always even'. I have watched my kids adjust to sharing with each other, to speak out when they feel they deserve better or more, to stand up for others when they need a voice.

It is a huge word. Equality. It defines human; our acceptance, belonging, worthiness, fairness; a basic need.

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  1. Such a cute painting with their bright eyeglasses! Equality. Should be much easier than people tend to make it. But I agree, "fair" and "equal" are not the same!