Friday, July 19, 2013


It isn't like you have an option. When a Border Guard lines up the next available transportation in an unrecognizable language with a sturdy semi truck driver, you don't argue. You say Thank You, pay the going rate and donate the last of your whiskey to sweeten the deal. You even manage a smile as you climb onto the back of an open bed of a double trailer, and look brave as you clutch the metal frame tied to it. You adjust a bandanna around your nose and mouth and pull your fleece balaclava down to cover the rest of your face. You have just embarked on a cross country terrain adventure better left to a dirt bike. You hope this is one of the semi trucks that was blessed in the last Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria. With the other passengers, you hang on as if you were the next rodeo star.


  1. That sounds a bit terrifying! But I can only imagine you planned ahead and knew what to expect, to some extent. A brave traveler you are. Lovely painting too! Feels boxed in but with the open country just beyond.

  2. This is beautiful, it looks like a scene out of a Myst game!