Friday, April 11, 2014


"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. " Edgar Degas

Sometimes I am a delinquent friend. I get swallowed into my own sphere and ignore everyone beyond my immediate realm. My friends must be the diligent sleuthy sort.
I meant to say hello after the holiday letter found its way into my inbox, yet I humbly failed. I really was in survival mode when Missy's 'you alive?' email arrived, and I blew it off, meaning to answer later. When I saw Scott's email a few days ago, I slumped a bit. I felt bashful about opening it, but I didn't hesitate, and it was a wonderful surprise that let me gracefully join their world again.

It hasn't often happened that I am a catalyst for creativity. Scott sent me a short story inspired by my Onomatopoeia posting. It made every hair on my arm stand up while I read it. I am still eyeballing Ms. Riley. I realized I am part of a small web of talented artists that really do support each other--it feels incredible! Thank you Scott for letting me share  The Run....

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  1. Your Peeps made me laugh when I saw them on IF. A creative original take on "Survival."